Books about Lumbering, Chesuncook and the Area

NYT article about Alec Gunn's boat fire in 1920  (will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The Penobscot Man by Fanny Hardy Eckstrom

Chesuncook Memories by Lana Gagnon  ISBN: 1-890454-05-2 (fourth printing was July, 1998 and available through the Union Church, Greenville, ME.

The West Brancher by Charles Glaster

The Maine Woods, by Henry David Thoreau

A History of Lumbering in Maine, 1820-1861, Richard G. Wood, Maine Studies, UMaine 1971

A History of Lumbering in Maine 1861-1960, David C. Smith, Maine Studies, UMaine, 1972

Beyond the Beauty Strip, Mitch Lansky, Tilbury House Publishers, Gardiner Maine, 1992 (©2014)