Bureau of Public Lands

     The  Maine Bureau of  Parks and Lands  (BP&L) oversees  all State owned property  in and around the village, including most of the shore of Chesuncook Lake as well as other State properties over which part of the access road travels.

     Within 100 feet of high water, certain  shoreland zoning rules apply regarding removal of vegetation such as trees , shrubs and understory vegetation and disturbance of soils. Permission must be obtained  from the Bureau to make any alterations  on the State lands especially within this 100 - foot strip  shoreland protection zone. Trees and brush may not be cut just to improve the view.  In addition to live trees and vegetation this  also applies to any dead standing trees, dead branches or dying trees. 

     If there are concerns about  the need to remove vegetation for fire hazards or safety issues, BP & L has procedures in place to address those.  All removal of trees and vegetation or disturbance to soils on the State lands must have prior approval from the Regional Lands Manager or Augusta staff.   So be smart, and help preserve the integrity of the lake shore by not removing live trees  and shrubs that retain  and protect the shoreline from high water erosion and by not removing dead trees/branches that provide habitat for a variety of critters.

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