The A-Bomb: (From Ritt Maloney) "These pictures are complements of Bruce Kenneson. As the story goes, during a party at Pete and Antosha Numic's house a bright streak appeared over the NE-section of the lake then blossomed into a slow-descending parachute. At his point in time Mrs. Dilworth screamed, “…its an atom bomb” and took cover in her outhouse. Slowly the object drifted down and came to rest in back of the south village. Burt McBurnie immediately took charge as “…I am the senior officer here…” and proceeded, with Don McBurnnie’s help to start removing some of the external pieces/panels of “the bomb … “ All the while Maggie McBurnnie was quietly standing with her arms folded trying to talk reason and common sense into those two. (….reason and common sense were left behind at Pete’s house in an empty bottle of “ole Crow). To no avail, the dismantling of “the bomb” continued…. About 15-minutes into their “operation” on the “bomb” the helicopter in the pictures flies over and circles then proceeds to the field just north of the Lake House. Several men get out and wordlessly proceeded to the drop site. Upon arrival Burt was “relieved of command” in a very brusque manner by a very annoyed RCAF officer….. All proceeded quickly after that; what amazed me most was the airmen took every scrap of parachute out of the tress and left not a scrap of anything behind…. " . If you look at the side of A-Bomb_4's photo, you'll see the date of 1966. (©2014)